Project no.4
The Exchange

Design innovation creates jobs. Case studies in Ireland and abroad show that the creation of affordable collaborative workspaces fosters entrepreneurial design practices. The product of the design services industry  is time and service with a high level of graduate employment potential. Design centres provide a broader outreach to the region; providing a retail point, continued professional development for design practice and a cooperative multi-disciplinary creative environment that springboards project potential from individual leads. The centre provides a life, activity and creative community to a historic area. Combined with the draw of the the Shandon Bells, Firkin Crane and Butter Museum, a new cultural quarter can become a tourism hotspot. Spin outs from the centre will help rejuvinate the local built environment and public space projects will be required to support a collective approach enhancing potential benefits. The project was a collaborative project with RUA Architects and Jason O'Shaughnessy.