RUA Architects inform national policy on Retrofit

The Irish Green Building Council launched last week – 23rd February – its final set of recommendations for a better national renovation strategy.

The IGBC proposed that the Government and financial institutions introduce a series of financial and tax measures – such as lower interest ‘green mortgages’ – to encourage homeowners, landlords and businesses to engage in ‘deep renovation’ which will significantly reduce their energy use. RUA Architects research unit was highly involved in the formation of the recommendations.

These recommendations are contained in a report – Unlocking Ireland’s Potential: Towards Large-Scale Deep Energy Renovation – which has been published to inform the Government’s National Renovation Strategy which the European Union requires Ireland to produce by the end of April, 2017. The report emerged from a consultation process during 2016 with a wide range of almost 200 stakeholders conducted by the IGBC in conjunction with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

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