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At RUA Architects we believe you are only as good as your last job and client experience is really critical to us. This is that they think...


My wife and I were delighted to receive notice that RUA Architects have obtained Planning Permission for us on our complicated building site. 
As an unsolicited testimonial may I record the entirely professional approach taken by your Practice whilst at the same time developing a progressive and exciting design yet also listening to your Clients specific requirements and producing Designs to reflect those wishes. 
After 35 years as a the Principal of my Quantity Surveying and Project Management practice I would say that RUA produced a comprehensive Planning pack that contributed totally to the successful Application and infinitely above the standard that I have often seen. 
We are very appreciative and recommend RUA Architects to your future Clients. 
Keith and Yvonne Gilchrist


Apple Tree

I was very fortunately introduced to Marc, who not only advised us on the purchase of our 1900 “fisherman’s cottage” in Kinsale” but also in the design, the planning and the construction of this complete retrofit.


Marc’s attention to detail, his no nonsense demand of service providers, always producing a solution when there appeared not to be and his desire to complete the job as cost effectively as possible in optimising all purchase negotiations, made it a huge pleasure and comfort to have him at the helm of our project. 


Marc’s undoubted strengths besides his architectural experience and expertise is his visionary concept of the need for “the green energy future” and a fine understanding of balancing and blending this with the historical aspects of any project.


We live in Apple Tree Cottage in which Marc’s design achieved an A2 rating from a D3 and appreciate daily the warmth and cosy atmosphere. The cottage has been totally re-insulated with triple glazed windows, warmed with an extremely cost-effective heat pump, with “reclaimed Jamieson whisky barrel” parquet flooring.


We are delighted with where we live, what our cottage now represents. If we did anything like this again we would not do it without Marc. Thank you Marc!!

Tim Chennells

Let's Work Together

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